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ACER buergerianum

bonsai buergerianum

bonsai buergerianum

(above picture is after 5years in my possession)

--MAY 4rd year--

Age : 13 years
Origine : Japan import bonsai
Height : 23cm
Pot : Walsall Studio Ceramics

Below pictures show the progress
of this bonsai tree over time.
bonsai buergerianum

--MAY 3rd year--

New top is growing
bonsai buergerianum

--EARLY SPRING 3rd year--

I will need to create a better top for
this trident maple bonsai. 

Also i need to pull down second branch on 
the left.

bonsai buergerianum

--WINTER 2nd year--

I gave my tree a brand new bonsai pot.
And I places it in another angle in the pot.
So it has a new front view.

bonsai buergerianum

--SUMMER, second year--

The bonsai is growing too vigorous in 
the top branches and not enough in the 
lower branches. 
This has to be corrected by pruning back 
the top branches.

Notes : Next year I will do some
leafpruning to get even smaller
leafs. And I need a new pot.
bonsai buergerianum

--SPRING, first year in my possession--

This is one of the first bonsai I bought.
I bought it at a bonsai nursery in the winter
I payed about 90 uds or euro.
The main reason I choise especially this 
one, is because of the thick stem and
good nerabi(surface roots).
The canopy of this bonsai will need 
a lot of years to improve.

The top is too heavy and has to be removed.

But anyway its easier to improve the canopy 
then to grow a big stem and good surface 

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 2004 Jacques Graulus