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acer defoliation bonsai
Species : acer kyohime 
Age     : 15 years
Height  : 27cm
Style   : hokidachi
Pot     : Tokoname

result after complete defoliation.
This will increase ramification. 
Some guy wires will pull the branches 
down to get a more mature look.
(See above picture for autumn colors)  
acer defoliation bonsai
Below pictures show the progress
of this bonsai tree over time.

SUMMER 4rd year.

Now the tree is strong enough for
a complete defoliation.
Work in progress..

acer broom style

SUMMER second year in my care.

Acer kyohime is a relatively 'care free' tree.
And still growing strong...

kyohime hokidachi

SUMMER first year.

The acer kyohime is growing strong.


bonsai acer kyohime

SPRING first year.

This is still a rather young looking tree.

The major reason why it looks that young 
is because the branches grow too strongly 
Not much maintenance care has been done 
the passed years. 
We are going to change that...

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 2004 Jacques Graulus