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bonsai acer japonica
EARLY SPRING 4rd year.

Species : acer palmatum
Age     : 27 years
Origine : Import Japan (Ginkgo Bonsai Center)
Height  : 40cm
Style   : Moyo-gi
Pot     : Tokoname

Re-potted in following soil mixture:
1/3 pumish- 1/3 akadama- 1/3 peat
The tree is now ready to explode.Buds are
extended and leaves will pop out soon.
In two weeks time we will see if
my work paid off.
Now compare above picture and the
one down below....Nerabi and trunk 
line are visible and the bonsai 
is in balance.  
acer japonica
Below pictures show the progress
of this bonsai tree over time.

AUTUMN 3rd year in my possesion.

Result after initial refining.
Next year in spring I will try a new pot.
The new pot needs to be wider and more shallow.
Like this one:

Tokoname pot
bonsai maple

AUTUMN 3rd year in my possesion.

I pruned and pinched for two years and
now is the time to tackle four major problems:

1/ The first branch (yaku-eda) must be shortened.
2/ This top branch need to be reduced drastically.
->These two steps are needed to balance the tree.

3/ This secondary branch has to be removed.
4/ The second branch needs to be pulled to the 
   left and slightly lifted.
->These last steps are needed to clear up
the view on the trunk line, nebari and 
the stone of this Acer Palmatum.
bonsai acer palmatum

SPRING First year

I invested in this Japanese maple.
It looked a bit chaotic then, but I bought this 
bonsai because of what's underneath the canopy!

The idea is to refine the tree so that the
trunk line and branches can also be viewed
in summer, with the leaves on the tree. 

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 2004 Jacques Graulus