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Project Ligustrum sumo bonsai

Sumo Privet

bonsai ligustrum
(Above is 4rd year look)
JUNE 3rd year.(left)

Age : about 25 years
Height : 24cm
Bonsai Pot : Training crate

The bonsai is growing vigorously. 
Many new branches to choose from. 
The sumo privet is taking shape. 
Privet Bonsai Ligustrum

AUTUMN 2nd year.

New shoots are appearing everywhere 
on the sumo-trunk. Wiring is difficult,
I will have to use guy wires to pull the
branches down.

Ligustrum Bonsai

MAY first year.

I gradually downsized it to about 50cm.
Next year, all the big branches will 
be removed and new branches will 
hopefully be formed.
Sumo Bonsai Privet

SPRING first year in bonsai training.
This was a 4meter high ligustrum tree
in my backyard. I have cut it down to 
about 1meter and put it into a big 
blue bonsai pot. Now the creation of 
a sumo privet bonsai tree can begin. 

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 2004 Jacques Graulus