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Project Acer Campestre Mame

bonsai Field Maple
Below pictures show the progress
of this bonsai tree over time.

SUMMER 2nd year.

Age : 4 years
Origine : From Seedling
Height : 9cm
Pot : Tokoname

bonsai Acer Campestre

EARLY SPRING 2nd year.

I repositioned the tree in a new pot.
The first branch is in formation.
Style: Shakkan.

bonsai Acer Campestre mame

SUMMER first year. 

It's recovering and growing good.
Notice there's also a stone in the pot.
The roots are around the stone.

bonsai Field Maple

SPRING first year in bonsai pot. 

I could have easily overlooked
this seedling. But I saw it and 
took it home, to grow in a pot.
That's what bonsai is about...
Putting a tree in a pot and 
forming it into a piece of art. 

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 2004 Jacques Graulus