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bonsai metasequoia

SUMMER 2nd year.

Age     : 8 years
Origine : Nursery Tree
Height  : 35cm

re-arranged the top branches. 
The tree doesn't grow very well.
I will have to be patient with this bonsai

bonsai metasequoia

AUTUMN first year.

This bonsai tree can easily be 
trained and give the proper care,
by putting it in a shallow wooden box.
Ultimately it can be put in a proper
bonsai pot. 
I also have to find out what to do 
with the top branches of this tree. 

bonsai metasequoia

SPRING first year.

This, 15 USD/Euros Metasequoia will soon 
start his life as a bonsai.

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 2004 Jacques Graulus