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Project Potentilla "Han-kengai"


bonsai cinquefoil
MAY 6th year(left), above=7th year.

Origine : nusery stock
Height : 10cm
Pot : Tokoname

The canope is filling up nicely.
The top has now been removed.
This bonsai is beginning to get where
I want it to go.
bonsai potentilla
Below pictures show the progress
of this bonsai tree over time.

APRIL 4rd year.

Now I am happy with the pot !
tinned the tree out and rewired it.
the top branch has to go later, but
I leave it for now.

bonsai potentilla

AUGUST 3rd year.

The potentilla has grown very well 
this year.
I have wired it and the foliage
is filling in nicely.
bonsai potentilla

SPRING 3rd year.

I am not too happy with the new pot,
but it has to do the job for now.

bonsai potentilla

OKTOBER 2nd year.
Had to repot. I tried this 
oval,shallow pot.

bonsai potentilla

See detail of trunk and nebari.

bonsai potentilla

Spring 2nd year.

With good care,organic and
some anorganic fertiliser 
Its growing very good.

bonsai potentilla

SPRING first year.

This Container plant was cut back 
drastically and potted up in a 
training pot. 
This is the interim result.

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 2004 Jacques Graulus