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Project Prunus Padus "Moyo-gi"

prunus padus

prunus padus bonsai
SPRING 5th year.

Age : Unknown
Origine : Urban Yamadori
Height : 26cm
Pot : Keramika Pro Bonsai - Klika

It's not at all perfect yet... but see below
pictures on this page. It has come a long way!
bonsai prunus padus

SPRING 3rd year.

Result after wiring.
I know it got a long way to go before
it becomes an acceptable bonsai.

bonsai prunus padus

APRIL 3rd year.

This bonsai definitely needs some wire...

bonsai prunus padus

WINTER 2nd year.

The winter silhouette reveals the  
structure of the tree.
Up until now, and only after one year,
I am happy with the progress.

bonsai prunus padus

SPRING 2nd year.

in the beginning I planted the stump in
my growing field. 

But now I put into a growing box.
In the field it was just growing too 
Also styling is much easier in a box.

bonsai prunus padus

EARLY SPRING first year.

Found this stump at the site of the road.
It's the curve in the stem that caught my eye.
Talking about starting bonsai 
from scratch... This is it!

See what comes out of it..

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 2004 Jacques Graulus